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Family Law Solicitors in Staines

We at Dale & Newbery know that family legal issues is a particularly delicate area of law, which has to be handled in an incredibly sensitive way, while offering practical legal solutions that protect your interests and the future of your loved ones.

Our legal team of experienced family law solicitors know that issues and disputes involving your family can be complex as well as incredibly emotional. With this in mind, we do all we can to guide you through the process of finding solutions in a supportive, pragmatic way that makes matters as pain free as possible, while ensuring you get the best outcome possible.

Our Family Law Solicitor in Staines is a member of Resolution, an organisation of specialist family lawyers committed to a constructive approach to the practice of family law. This commitment to the Resolution Code of Practice most of our cases settle through effective negotiation saving cost for everyone involved. We strive to communicate clearly avoiding legal jargon to explain how a matter will be progressed. However, if the conciliatory approach is inappropriate we will act both proactively and robustly in the clients best interest.

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Our family law range of services:-

Divorce & Separation

Our divorce solicitors will leave no stone unturned to help reach a divorce settlement that takes into account your needs and will guide you through the entire process of getting divorced or separating, if needs be. This includes the legal steps to start or respond to divorce proceedings and getting to the heart of financial settlements and arrangements from children.

Cohabitation Agreements

If you and your partner are planning to live together without getting married on entering a civil partnership, we are there to help form a powerful cohabitation agreement to protect your best interests. This is definitely worth considering if you are planning to buy property together or if one of you will be contributing to the mortgage of a property the other owns. A detailed cohabitation can provide great peace of mind and simplify matters if your relationship ends.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

In today’s more complex society a pre-nuptial agreement allows you to ensure your interests will not be negatively affected if your marriage ends in divorce. Whilst pre-nuptial agreements are not currently binding under UK law, a ‘pre-nup’ will be taken into account by a judge provided it is written in a legally sound way. Our solicitors can help create a pre-nuptial agreement that meets the highest legal requirements.

Financial settlements

Our experts can help you negotiate a financial settlement when getting divorced or separating, so you get a fair deal for you and your dependants. We will do this without the need for court action, where possible, but if court proceedings are required, we will represent your interests strongly. If you do reach a voluntary agreement, we can apply for a court order to make this legally binding, thereby minimising the prospects for future conflict.

Arrangements for children

Our team of solicitors will work with you and your ex-partner to forge mutually agreeable arrangements for your children, including residence, contact and other vital details related to their upbringing. In situations where a voluntary agreement cannot be reached, we can take action for you to ensure your rights and your children’s wellbeing are legally protected. Additionally, we can help with grandparents’ rights, paternity and a multitude of other issues relating to children.

Child Maintenance

The importance of your children being provided for cannot be underestimated. We can be there for you with all aspects of reaching a child maintenance agreement and enforcing payment, if needed. If the case arises to vary your existing child maintenance agreement, we will represent you in negotiating a new agreement, or in some situations taking the matter to court if this is needed.

Domestic Violence

This is an incredibly upsetting area that requires extreme sensitivity by experts who can be there to guide you at times where there is often a great deal of fear and anxiety.

If you have been the victim of domestic abuse, we will do the utmost legally on your behalf to protect you and other loved ones. We can apply for court orders that stop your abuser from approaching you, as well as forcing them to leave your family home where needs be.

Within the Dale & Newbery family department our team have been chosen because they have the right values to match their legal expertise within the difficult field of family law. They are passionate about looking out for your best interests, which means that you will receive the highest quality service possible.

We think about your situation not ours

We know no two cases are identical and you may not feel ready to deal with solicitors. 

At your initial meeting, we will discuss all ways we may be able to resolve your matters advising what is likely to deliver the best results in your case, and the action we feel best suits you.

We also explore other softer avenues of action, such as mediation with respected external bodies with the experience to help.

If your matter is suitable for mediation, we will advise and make the referral and let you know if there is any extra information needed.

If you need more help, we can and will work for you in an open way where we give you a clear estimate of all fees.

Whatever the issue, we are here for you, so contact us today.