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Poor quality conveyancing a blight on local property moves

It is heartening to read that The Law Society is amongst a number of bodies scrutinising referral fees for conveyancing.

Despite moving home being one of the most important financial transactions an individual can make, it is incredibly frustrating that too many people are jeopardising their dream move due to a lack of information about their choice of conveyancer or being misdirected by parties with a vested interest.

Now the Council for Licensed Conveyancers  is to shortly publish a report, which will go to Government ministers to see if conveyancing should be further regulated.

We at Dale and Newbery feel it is important to highlight this because it is alarming how many property moves are held up, or at worst fall through due to low quality conveyancers being recommended to buyers as a result of which the referer earns a healthy “fee” sometimes of several hundred pounds.

We believe it is vital that the public are aware that estate agents are sometimes incorrectly advising clients that they cannot use their own solicitor or claiming that they have a special relationship with a particular firm who “will do a really good job”.

It means that buyers are often saddled with solicitors/conveyancers who provide poor service and delay matters far longer than a local solicitor would.  We have a situation where price driven strategies, which often see people in Staines and elsewhere in England & Wales dealing with solicitors who could be hundreds of miles away, which is hindering local solicitors looking out for their client’s best interests.

It is often the case that property transactions can be complex and local law firms act for their clients on the basis of making sure that every detail has been looked at correctly. 

What has to be bore in mind is that a local law firm with knowledge of the area will often know issues particular to the region, such as structural problems, environmental issues etc., and this advice will help decisions to be made quickly and explain the situation as it is. This is unlikely to be the case if your conveyancer is based in Manchester!

For instance, if you were buying a house on an estate in Staines, which has had issues with methane due to the homes being built on an old rubbish tip, who would be better placed to offer advice an experienced conveyancing solicitor in Staines or a factory farm conveyancing operation 200 or so miles away? 

It is our duty as solicitors to get this message as widespread as possible as it’s vital to help take as much stress as possible out of one of life’s big decisions. 

If you are thinking of selling or buying property in Staines or elsewhere, then remember local conveyancers are looking out for you and are independent.

If you wish to know more, our experienced conveyancing team are here to help. 

Get in touch today.