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Unhappy Christmas often a prelude for New Year split

It is fair to say that Christmas is a nostalgic time, making us reminisce over the year gone by and perhaps reflect on the path life has taken us.

For most of us, the festive season is generally a time to spend with loved ones and create great memories, where most of us can switch off from the rigours of work for one or two weeks.

However, for those who are in troubled relationships, it is, more often than not, a time where matters take a turn for the worst as the holiday period can intensify the difficulties which couples are already undergoing.

Divorce statistics show a sharp rise in couples separating in the month of January.

It is understandable that being under the same roof with a spouse you are not getting along with can be exacerbated at a time when they tend to take time off from work and spend more time in each other’s company. This together with wintry weather conditions, can result in little opportunity to have space from each other which can add to the pressure on the relationship.  The family expenditure increases significantly before Christmas and the financial pressure can place additional strain on the relationship.

The higher consumption of alcohol during the festive period can lead to inappropriate behaviour and lack of restraint in words and actions, some of which can lead to domestic abuse and physical violence. This can escalate the already existing “unreasonable behaviour” which would have built up over a period to such an extent that one spouse feels that they can no longer live with the other, which is the main reason cited in divorce petitions.

Couples who were contemplating Divorce may choose to wait until after the Christmas holidays to announce it to their family, in order to avoid strained relations at family gatherings or upsetting the children.

After the holidays are over, some people think about their New Year resolutions in January and changes they wish to make in their lives. Most relationships that break down do still tend to be a case of parties being unhappy in the marriage and wanting to move on with their life.

It is, therefore, little surprise that this often leads to January being the busiest time of the year for divorce lawyers.

For those who are in a bad place due to marital issues, particularly at this sentimental time of the year, we hope that you can find a better life in 2020. It is also worth adding that despite the hype around Christmas, there will be plenty of people who are in the same situation, and many this year who will be sitting around the table with a loved one whose life has improved greatly in 2019 due to making a big decision to make important changes in their life the year before.

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