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First-time buyers see the benefits in current housing market

In uncertain times it is easy to take headlines at face value and not delve too deep.

This certainly is the case at the moment and whilst Brexit uncertainty has caused a slowdown in property sales, the flip side is that it has also been welcomed as an opportunity for first time buyers to enter the market.

For instance, banking and financial trade association, UK Finance has recently released data showing a 4.1 percent increase in first time buyers to February 2019.

To add to this, re-mortgages with additional borrowing are 10 percent higher than the previous February.

As a legal firm that sees the state of the property market better than most due to dealing with conveyancing matters, we at Dale and Newbery are at pains to explain that what we are seeing is still life going on despite peculiar economic times.

In Staines, the South East and the UK in general, people are still getting on the first rung of the property ladder or perhaps selling their 5 bedroomed home because the children have grown up and they want to downsize or maybe they are moving to the area from elsewhere due to other factors?

Whatever the case, there are still many people who uproot due to the circumstances of life rather than economic predictions about what might or might not happen based on headlines in the media.

Homes will still be bought and sold and what remains vital in all this is the importance of high quality conveyancing, ensuring property transactions are carried out in a way that the lines of communication are open and those involved in buying and selling know what is going on, and are advised of any issues along the way.

Conveyancing remains the most complained about area of law due to many people not having the legal work carried out by experienced property lawyers in Staines and elsewhere who are well-versed in dealing with the customer.

High quality conveyancing is a tiny fraction of the overall cost of buying a property and takes away a great deal of the anxiety of moving home, which is one of the biggest causes of stress in life.

So, regardless of the state of play of the economy in 2019 and beyond, the wheels of commerce will continue to move and just as we have done so over the last 100 plus years of history we at Dale and Newbery are always here to help should you need us.  Contact us today.