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Report shows unregulated will writing still invisible to many

It is somewhat concerning that large sections of the public are still unaware that will-writing remains unregulated, meaning many people could make huge errors jeopardising their families.

The Wills & Probate Consumer Research Report 2018, released in recent months showed 61 per cent were unaware that there is no regulation of will writers, despite half of those questioned believing that it should be a regulated practice.

Out of the 1,000 people who took part in the report, 80 per cent of those with wills had chosen a fixed fee option.

From the survey, 19% of recipients used a Will writer, and, as we have stated, 61 per cent of these consumers were unaware that will writers are unregulated.

Worryingly, the report also showed 68 per cent would have a go at writing their own will to keep costs down, although the 3 per cent who did try this ended up seeking professional help in the end.

What is interesting to us, as a firm which does much work in this area is word of mouth recommendations accounted for 15per cent of legal advisers being instructed, whilst 9 per cent found their will writer via an internet search.

We are pleased to see that reputation still counts for much with 40 per cent of clients remaining loyal to law firms they have a history with. It is also welcoming to see that the public are also still likely to appoint solicitors and law firms rather than take up other options.

The survey also showed around 37 per cent of people have a will and 60 per cent of over-55s have a will.

We believe that solicitors are the wisest option for those wishing to write wills.  Solicitors are:-

  • Qualified and well trained and many will have years of experience of will drafting and estate administration;
  • Regulated, which ensures that the very highest standards are maintained, and;
  • Insured, just in case anything should go wrong. The client will not lose out.

Unfortunately, this is a message that still has to be voiced loud and clear from the legal community.

Choosing a solicitor to make your will is the safest option for one of the most important documents you will ever make, and can also take advantage of expert legal advice in related areas like inheritance tax and long term care.

Anybody wishing to discuss wills advice can contact us today and we can ensure you get the peace of mind you need.