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Partner who became carer wins estate battle from ex’s family

A partner turned carer has won an acrimonious battle with her deceased ex’s family, and once again shows the importance of up to date wills.

Carole Taylor recently won £325,000 from the estate of James Redmond after a judge ordered his two daughters to pay it from the estate, worth in the region of £1m.

The case had heard how Mr Redmond spent the last seven years of his life with Carole Taylor, who he had met at Slough Irish Club.

It also heard how he had a lengthy battle with prostate cancer and passed away aged 74, in 2014.

However, the message, in this case, is that he had not updated his will which was made in the 1990s, which left everything to his daughters Jane Redmond and Lynn Leberknight.

Following his death, Ms Taylor was told to leave the home but she said she had been given assurances she would be provided for financially by Mr Redmond.

The case heard that she had not only cared for Mr Redmond as his health deteriorated, but she also contributed to home renovations.

However, this was somewhat different to his family’s version of events, with his daughters saying the relationship with Ms Taylor was much more casual than she had claimed and so she should not expect any money.

What helped Ms Taylor were hospital records showing that Mrs Leberknight had described Ms Taylor as her “step-mother” and Redmond had referred to Ms Taylor as his “partner”.

The judge found in favour of Ms Taylor saying he believed they lived together as man and wife.

The fact is we are now living in a much more complicated society with complicated family arrangements and it is wise that wills are looked at regularly to ensure they reflect those arrangements.

We hope this tale makes you think about updating your will or making one if you haven’t already done so. Please call us today on 01784 464 491 – we’re here to help.