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New customer transparency a welcome move for reputable law firms

The public’s quest to ensure they are getting the best legal advice takes a significant step forward at the end of this year.

Law firms will have to publish details of their employees’ experience and the time work is likely to take, as well as their prices when new transparency rules come into force in December.

The requirement by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) is designed to ensure clients have all they need to make a well-informed choice of legal service providers.

Whilst it does provide more bureaucracy for reputable law firms like Dale and Newbery, who already provide information on costs and related matters to their clients at the outset, we do feel it will help ensure that customers will have a much better deal in a marketplace that has changed so radically in the past decade or so.

As has been reported in the Law Society Gazette the SRA have taken these steps to meet the demands of the Competition and Markets Authority, which saw consumer information as an issue following a study of the market.

The areas of work needing transparency include costs for residential conveyancing, probate, motoring offences, employment tribunals and immigration.

We at Dale and Newbery in Staines believe that for far too long there has been too many providing legal services who do have the credentials to serve the public, and as a result, tarnishes the legal industry.

All members of society know that good local solicitors who employ well-qualified and diligent staff is the safe place to be for legal services. For too long, customer focus has been on price, the new regulations will remind customers that solicitors are well qualified, regulated and also fully insured in the unlikely event of something going wrong. Others offering legal services might be cheaper but there is usually a good reason for that.

The law is far too important an issue to risk taking chances with.

For over 100 years, we at Dale and Newbery have ensured the highest standards and quality for our clients and that is the reason that we are still here in Staines in a much-changed world.

Good law firms in Staines, and elsewhere, will always adhere to the SRA’s exacting standards. Any steps that can be put in place to help you, our clients or potential clients, will always be welcomed.

If you need help with any legal services, we at Dale and Newbery are here to help. Contact us today.