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Estate agents referrals shown as poor compared to word of mouth

It is more than a little noteworthy to law firms like ourselves who offer conveyancing services that many homeowners do not trust law firms they are referred to by estate agents, a recent survey has found.

The study of just over 2,000 people including 1,350 homeowners for property platform, When You Move showed 38% mistrusted legal service referrals from estate agents.

Some cited reasons such as, biased referrals linked often to commission gains that were not in the best interest of the property transaction.

Also, almost as many (36%) said that they found the legal paperwork of their property transaction the most dissatisfying part of the buying and selling process.

We at Dale and Newbery believe that high-quality conveyancing is vital when dealing with what is a hugely expensive outlay and wherever you are located be it in need of conveyancing in Staines or elsewhere, independently sourcing a quality conveyancing solicitor is one of the first steps needed when engaged in the property market.

Having someone on your side, flagging up the important legal points is reassuring, even if what is unearthed is not always welcome.

Many people find out unpleasant facts too late in their property purchase transaction, leaving them emotionally and psychologically drained.

These problems though can be softened with good dialogue with an experienced conveyancing expert, who can help give an idea of what to expect on the road ahead.

Unsurprisingly, there was little sign of a decline in consumers’ preference for word of mouth recommendations when searching for conveyancing help. It showed that just 17% said that they trusted the opinions of online reviews and customer feedback compared to those of their friends and family.

For firms like Dale and Newbery, much of our work is word of mouth, so it’s good to know that so many people do their own research.

If you need help with a house move, please do not hesitate to contact our Staines conveyancing property experts.