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Domestic abuse victims given safety of anonymity to vote

For all legal firms dealing with Family Law matters the subject of domestic abuse is one of the more unpleasant aspects our profession has to deal with.

Generally speaking, women and children find themselves having to live through some quite harrowing treatment.

Also, in an age where so much information can be accessed online so easily, the plight of victims of domestic abuse can be so much worse, as abusive ex-partners may use the internet to track people down.

The problematic use of technology for sinister purposes has drawn attention to the fact that the law needs to keep pace.

With this in mind, it is encouraging that in recent weeks legislation has been put in place to further protect those who are victims of domestic abuse.

The law, which allows some victims of domestic abuse to vote anonymously, is certainly a step in the right direction.

We have heard of far too many cases of physical and emotional abuse, where victims of violence have taken refuge but had their lives shattered by an unwelcome arrival at their safe house.

The legislation allows domestic abuse victims living in shelters and refuges anonymity following changes to voter registration rules and applies in Scotland also.

It means that in many of the most severe cases, people taking refuge can now register to vote without the transparency of their name appearing on the public electoral role.

Such a move is also an opportunity for us to talk about a subject, which due to its nature is often taboo. Such unsavoury behaviour is an issue, which unfortunately exists throughout the whole of society.

It is as common in Staines as it is many other areas of the South East, and the rest of the UK.  It is an issue which affects thousands of people every year and regrettably in the worst cases can result in death.

Domestic abuse is a problem, which has always existed. Transparency about this issue can only help prevent more cases and allow victims to take control, or loved ones to intervene and help.

We hope legislation will continue to support some of the most vulnerable people in our society, who are struggling to rebuild their lives after traumatic experiences.

If you wish to talk confidentially about domestic abuse or any other issues surrounding family law, we at Dale & Newbery in Staines are here to help. Please call us on 01784 464 491.