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January – a time for separating couples to protect their assets

January is a difficult month for most of us, but for those deciding to move on with their lives and leave their partner, it is even more so.

Sadly, following the festive break issues in relationships come sharply into focus, and right now many people in Staines and the rest of the UK are pledging 2018 will be a time to start afresh.

Some in the media dub the first Monday in January Divorce Day, and as a law firm well-versed in helping those to move on, we would say that it’s hard to pin down one day, in particular, but unquestionably this month does see a peak in enquiries.

Many couples in troubled times will have gone into Christmas with hopes that the festive season will help them rekindle their relationship but sadly this doesn’t often happen.

If you have reached the end of the road, it is advisable is to take time to see where you stand financially.  Before taking action, make sure you have access to all your accounts and credit cards so you can assess your situation.

Divorce can have an adverse effect on all manner of financial dealings, so it is important, for example to protect your credit rating.  It is helpful if you inform all lenders of your situation is regarding the breakdown of your relationship. Maintaining a good credit rating is vital for everyone these days – do not let this important fact slip.

Also, consider your budgeting of monthly expenditure, so you can see where you stand after a break-up.

For those considering separation or divorce in the New Year, it is a brave step.  Fortunately these days there is much good advice out there. For instance, Citizens Advice Bureau can be a great source of information.

It is also sensible to speak to an experienced divorce lawyer as it is not just a legal exercise, but an emotionally draining one that requires a lawyer who understands this is a very difficult chapter for those involved.

If you are leaving your relationship in 2018, we hope you take this advice and wish you the very best of luck.

If you require assistance and advice, we at Dale & Newbery are here for you. Your first 30 minute appointment is free of charge, so call us on 01784 463004.