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Domestic violence time limit removal a welcome step against an unpalatable crime

Domestic violence is a particularly disturbing area of law that family law experts have to deal with.

The best family law experts in Staines or even Stranraer are agreed about an issue, which sees many people, mainly women, being treated in a way that no human being deserves to be.

Therefore, a recent government decision to get rid of the time limit for evidence, making it easier for domestic violence victims to qualify for legal aid, is a much welcomed move.

Domestic violence is a complicated and delicate area of law, so we at Dale and Newbery are pleased that this decision will help many going through very traumatic times.

The current five-year time limit will be removed, according to the Ministry of Justice, after it reviewed current evidence rules for accessing legal aid in private family cases.

Further, the government’s decision to protect victims of domestic violence from being cross-examined by their abuser in family courts, is another much-welcomed step.

At present, the victim of abuse is a party to the case meaning that they have to engage with the person who has made their lives hell throughout the proceedings. We at Dale and Newbery believe everything possible has to be done to ensure that the protection for victims is more than adequate.

With the new moves, a wider bank of evidence can be accepted, including evidence from domestic violence support organisations, which is significant in overcoming the hurdles faced by some victims trying to gather the evidence needed to trigger legal proceedings.

Legal aid is vital for victims of domestic abuse and often the only route available for someone to attempt to get justice.

The rules were too inflexible and were failing to assist many victims.

No one should have to endure domestic violence and we call on those who are experiencing abuse from their partner to secure your own safety and that of loved ones, by speaking to a trusted family law expert.

Domestic violence is something that affects many thousands of people regardless of their background and everything must be done to combat it.

If you are living in fear for your safety or have suffered domestic abuse , please contact our family law team today, we can help.