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Bitter divorces need to be averted for the good of all involved

Divorce is one of the most difficult things that anybody can go through, and dealing with divorcing couples on a daily basis makes us much more aware of the need to be supportive.

Although it’s our job to help people through the divorce process, we never, for a moment underestimate the pain felt by those involved.

We at Dale and Newbery believe all should be done to prevent open warfare between couples, and try to re-assure them that how they deal with the process now can affect the rest of their lives.

As family law experts in Staines we feel strongly that more needs to be done to publicise how acrimonious partings can be.

We appreciate that not all divorces/separations can be amicable, but trying to retain one’s decorum and thinking of life further down the line is something our family law experts really believe in.

With this in mind we adopt a non-confrontational approach. We are members of Resolution, a family law body, whose purpose is to find amicable solutions to family disputes of this nature.

Resolution members like us, view what is the best for the whole family, to ensure everyone works towards achieving a positive outcome for their future lives.

After all, resolving issues and not inflaming them makes so much sense,as it’s best if a couple in the midst of turmoil, can reach an agreement that is not only be beneficial for their children, but for the rest of their family and friends.

This approach is the polar opposite to the energy sapping fights, which many of us are aware of, where sometimes even decades later, couples have never moved on.

Calmness, tact and diplomacy are needed and an experienced family lawyer, as the division of matrimonial assets and disputes relating to child arrangements need caring, seasoned professionals.

We never underestimate the emotional side of divorce as no two divorces are ever the same, so we take the time to truly listen and understand the client’s circumstances.

Those wishing to know more about divorce or other family legal matters can contact our family department in Staines on 01784 464491.