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Summer holiday’s aftermath often the catalyst for divorce

Divorce and family break up is a difficult and unfortunate part of life and even seasoned family law experts cannot help but be saddened by such matters, despite dealing with this on a regular basis.

However, in Staines, the South East and elsewhere there is a traditional spike in activity at certain times of the year.

Post-Christmas is well-known as being a busy time, where people decide to try to start a new chapter in their life, but following summer holidays is another time when couples decide  to part.

Looking at data, it is generally accepted that around 40 per cent of marriages fail, and as we write this it is fair to say that couples who committed to making a life together, will be on or about to embark on make-or-break summer trips, which could decide their futures.

This post summer peak is understandable in many ways, as when relationships are in trouble, often after the obligations of a family holiday have been fulfilled; it is time to take stock. Difficult holidays when families should be having one of their highest quality times of the year are a sad but predictable event in troubled marriages.

If relationships are fraught, this time together can often lead to breaking point.

Of course, as we have said, separation and divorce is an incredibly challenging process for all those involved, and in such matters professional, trusted divorce experts are needed.

If you need to discuss the issues surrounding separation, divorce or any other family related legal issue, you can find a family legal team in Staines who will navigate these troubled waters with you.

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