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Dale and Newbery solicitors celebrate as they return to Staines home

We are delighted to announce to all our clients and the community of Staines that we have returned home to Clarence House.

As many of you will recollect our home since the 1980s was badly damaged in a blaze caused by an electrical fault in November 2013.

It has been a long two years with many hurdles to cross in the time, but we thank everyone involved in returning us back to a beautiful 18th century building, which now looks better than ever.

Of course it has been extremely challenging working in the midst of such a problem, but resilience and the hard-work of our staff to overcome this difficulty has carried us through and of course we thank all our customers, who have been so understanding.

The repairs have taken longer than first envisaged due to the time of processing the insurance claim and of course a beautiful building like Clarence House needed experts to make sure it was of the standard expected of a listed building, but it has been worth the wait.

We are fortunate that the structure of the building held firm and this is on no small part due to the work that the fire brigade did on that night two years ago, and it meant that as awful as the damage was we knew there was hope that it was salvageable.

Coming back to Clarence House is not just good news for Dale and Newbery, but also the town of Staines as we have a historic and beautiful building befitting our splendid town.

At the time of the fire although reeling in shock we said Dale and Newbery have been in Staines for over 100 years and it’ll take more than fire to get rid of us and we glad that this has proven true.

With a difficult episode now behind us we look forward to going from strength to strength.