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Over 50s break ups on the increase as divorce figures fall

New figures for marriage break-ups in the country seem to indicate that many couples could be waiting for their children to grow up before getting divorced, with the over-50s the only significant age group in which splits are rising.

The recent statistics issued by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show divorces in England and Wales have fallen with the over-50s the only group where this has not happened.

The figures, which relate to 2013, have been compared with those for 2003, and as divorce experts here in Staines we certainly have more than a passing interest in such data.

Only in the oldest age bracket and in the very small number of men under 20 who separate from their spouses do figures increase, with the ONS stating that these figures support a growing trend.

The group with the highest rates are getting older with the 40 to 44 age bracket currently having the greatest number of divorces.

We at Dale and Newbery, who have a specialist team in family law, believe that the reason parents are leaving it later is possibly to do with them putting their children’s welfare before themselves to provide stability – preferring to wait until their youngsters leave home.

Also, given that we now live longer, healthier and wealthier lives that people have more options and may not necessarily want to spend possibly 30 years or more in an unhappy relationship.

The new figures also show a continued decrease in the divorce rate with the ONS stating that rates are now similar to those in the 1970s.

The average length of a marriage at divorce now is 11.7 years with the average age of divorce 45.1 years for men and 42.6 years for women.

The figures though do not have the percentage of marriages that end in divorce, so the official proportion remains at the 2011 figure of 42%.

Of course, statistics like this are interesting to look at, but they don’t take into account that behind every divorce is a human story, which means that divorce continues to be a difficult process, where expert help is needed.

We hope that you are not one of these statistics, but if you are in a difficult marriage and you need advice, then we at Dale and Newbery are here to help.