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Grandparents now using law for access to grandchildren

It is a sign of the times that grandparents are increasingly visiting law firms to see if the legal system can help them see their grandchildren.

They are using legal channels to ensure contact with their grandchildren in the case of relationship breakdowns suffered by their own children, and increasingly at times of turmoil when they have to take on the parental role, and raise their grandchildren.

Here in 2015, our society and the complex structure of many modern families’ means there are many grandparents on hand to provide help and guidance, and a steadying influence on young lives.

Recent years has resulted in an increased use of Special Guardianship Orders (SGOs) by grandparents, who are moved to action for the welfare of their grandchildren.

SGOs were introduced over a decade ago, and are considered in legal circles, as the most usual and straightforward method of gaining control over the upbringing of a grandchild.

Having said that Child Arrangement Orders (CAOs) offer an alternative method for grandparents who wish to gain control.

It is distressing even for seasoned family law experts like us to see the way that close relationships can be jeopardised due to family disputes, and all that can be done has to be done to avoid this.

We at Dale & Newbery hope the government and everyone involved in the welfare of the family can continually work together to ensure that after relationship break-ups there can be ways forward that can help avoid acrimony.

It is a matter not just for lives in Staines and the South East, but the whole of the country.

The law is certainly playing catch up with the way society has changed, and we hope that with pressure from within the legal profession and family charities, the law adapts for the good of so many lives.

If you have any problems regarding contact with grandchildren or any issues surrounding family law, our experienced family law department are only too happy to speak to you.

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