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Sour summer holidays final straw leading to marriage break up

Many family lawyers in the South East and elsewhere are bracing themselves for the traditional upsurge in activity that early autumn brings.

For it is following the summer holidays, generally in the month of September, that we see the second busiest time of the year for couples to separate.

According to most statistics over 40 per cent of marriages fail, and currently across the beaches of Europe and beyond, there are once happy couples giving their marriage one last chance before heading home to the UK to make big decisions about their future.

When marriages are in trouble, often one of the parties decide this time is the right time to break up, and it’s understandable after the obligations of a family holiday have been fulfilled. After all happy couples and their families should be enjoying quality relaxation on holiday, making the most of a break that often has been a long time in the planning.

A long summer break can strengthen a relationship as couples unwind and talk about their views, hopes and plans for the future.

However, if things are not going well this extra time together away from the day to day distractions of normal life, can lead to more rows and acrimony.

As soon as life recommences in Staines or elsewhere, the unhappy party visits a local divorce law expert feeling the marriage is beyond repair.

It is a state of affairs, which we see replicated early in the New Year after the festive break has been the final straw.

Some people ask us as family law specialists in Staines if there is a reason as to how and why marriages fail.

We don’t believe this can be answered easily, but what we do know is separation and divorce is an incredibly hard time, and whatever the reason for the break up professional, experienced divorce experts are called upon.

Anyone wishing to know more about separation, divorce or any other family legal issues will find a sympathetic ear and trusted legal advice by calling us at Dale and Newbery.