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Festive period the perfect time to sort out your paperwork

The festive season is upon us once again and as usual for most of us it is time for a well-earned rest.

However, when it comes to recharging the batteries there can be too much of a good thing and a little bit of productivity does the world of good.

After all, binge-watching series, catching festive classics and diving into boxes of chocolates etc can get a little tiresome after a few days.

Of course, a walk and fresh air helps, but finding a few hours over the break that can be used wisely for other than DIY chores could be a vitally important investment of time.

Some paperwork therapy, where you sort out your documents, gives a greater sense of well-being at a time when many find they really can switch off.

It can help you feel back in control of all the important decisions we are faced with in our complex modern world.

We find that in the early part of the new year we get asked a lot more than usual about our will-writing services and also about preparing lasting power of attorneys.

Both are documents that most people know they need, but many put off often until it is too late, adding enormous stress to them and their loved ones.

A will professionally written by a specialist solicitor at a regulated law firm gives enormous peace of mind, in that you can be sure your wishes about what happens to your estate after you pass away will be followed. It provides unquantifiable levels of relief for loved ones who know they will be looked out for after you have gone and have stress related issues reduced when they are grieving.

It is also worth adding - it may have been some years since you last made your will and your circumstances may have changed. We recommend everyone look at their will every few years to check all is as you would want, especially if you have entered a new relationship etc.

Also, it is worth adding that a lasting power of attorney is just as vital, as it is a document that gives the opportunity for you to appoint people you wish to look out for your best interests in all aspects of your life if you lose your mental faculties. In an era where dementia is on the rise, this is a document that cannot be overlooked.

So, if you’re finding yourself looking to be more prepared for the new year, then diarise looking at the contents of the folder under the bed, the filing cabinet, the bag in the loft, or wherever you keep your paperwork and have a good old sort out.

Then make sure you take action, because as soon as January starts and the world starts kicking back into gear again, many of the important things get overlooked once more.

We hope this has been food for thought and also, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you a joyous festive season.

If you wish to talk about any legal issues relating to this article, please get in touch.

Have a great break from all the team at Dale & Newbery.